Megan. 24. I will post about all sorts of random things, but primarily about fantastic British actors, classic film, modern television, Tolkien, and occasionally Japanese culture and anime. My tastes are scattered, but I like what I like.
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Yuko Higuchi’s artwork combines so many of our favourite things, such as tentacles, cats and anthropomorphism, that looking at her drawings feels like we’ve fallen down a rabbit hole created just for us. We were delighted to learn that the adorable kitty featured in so many Yuko’s pieces is based on her own pet cat named Boris. He’s her primary source of inspiration.

These pieces are just a small sampling of Yuko Higuchi's surreal world. You can see lots more of her artwork on Facebook, via Twitter, or right here on Tumblr. She also recently published her very first illustrated book.

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Come not between a dragon and his wrath.

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